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Alex R
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Default Algae free fish tank vs Algae fish tank

I think that it's simply because your friend's tank has much less light per
gallon than you do. My guess is that you haven't run your tank with 72 W
long enough to notice any difference. In my high-light tank, I mainly get
spot algae when I add a lot of NO3 ( 10 ppm). But the spot algae is a
better alternative to the other glass algae I get at lower NO3 levels
because it grows slower.
pcalex (at)

"-=Almazick=-" wrote in message
I need to solve the mystery. I had problems with my tank with algae and my
friend never had any algae at all. Here is some info about my tank. My

is about 65G planted tank. 144W (2 home depot T12 plant bulbs and 2 T8
regular bulbs). I had problems with hair and red algae. I tried everything
by decreasing time of light, (4-10 hours a day) or using only 72W instead

144W, fed once a day, changing 20% water weekly, cleaning tank, etc. After

added CO2 no more algae just a little of spot algae on the glass which is

to me. Anyway is there a way to prevent spot algae from growing? Now about
my friends fish tank. 30G fish tank, some plants and 40W of light. Water
change hmmm never, maintenance, again never, he doesn't know anything
about cycle or doesn't give a sh*t about it. His plants used to pearl and

never ever saw algae in his tank. WHY? Can it be because of 40W? I was
fighting with my algae for the past 6 month and almost gave up but now I'm
very happy that everything worked out great. It is still a mystery to me
about his tank. Sometimes I'm just wondering what if I would know nothing
about fish tank and didn't do any maintenance and just maybe I wouldn't

any algae in my tank too