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Jim W
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Default Compost - Blood And Bone Meal To "Activate"?

Pat Kiewicz wrote:

Down Under On The Bucket Farm said:

I have read a number of times that it is good to add a bit of
blood-and-bone-meal to compost, to get it working faster. This
includes various Web sites, NG posts, and packaging for said

However, I am wondering... What exactly is the
chemical/biological mechanism here?

Blood meal is used to ensure enough nitrogen to get the compost
cooking, especially when the bulk of your material is high in carbon,
like fall leaves, straw, or paper. I suppose you can consider it as
'activating' the microorganisms that are already there. (It's also good
practice to add some old compost to any freshly mixed pile to innoculate it.)

Bone meal is better used directly in the garden for plants that need
a boost of calcium and phosphorous. Depending on how it was processed,
it may or may not contain much nitrogen, which would be more in demand
in the composting process.

Killed the crosspost.

Urine is also a very good activator.. Not to everyones preference

Nitrogen (the N in NPK) is needed to promote biological/bacterial
activity and cause your heapt to 'compost' It provides a 'kickstart' for
the heap.

Dried blood on its own works well, but may not be available in your