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Theo van Daele
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Default "Bomb the pond" in pictures

Hey folks,

I ment to post this link before but then forgot.

On this page you get a report with lots of pictures as how it can look like
when doing a PP treatment.

It may be of some help for people wanting or needing to do this treatment
for the first time. I know I always shied away, but this summer I had to
bite the bullet because of Trichodina on a few fish, so I decided to
document the treatment.

Disclaimer: this info is what it looked like in *my* pond, your mileage may
vary, so please don't just copy what I did as this stuff is quite powerful.
The article does point on several occasions to Roark's ultimate FAQ, which
was my guide all along.

Normally I'd say "don't start a ruck" over PP, but as the newsgroup is a bit
like our fish at the moment (calmly hovering at the bottom with these colder
temps ) it may or may not be a good time to sparkle off a healthy debate.


I'm proud to say smirk that an adapted version will be published in a
Dutch koi magazine this Christmas. Fame !