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Default There HAS to be a twelve step program out there..................

There HAS to be a twelve step program out there for terminally addicted
perennial junkies. Thank the fairies it's the end of October and the

center is starting to look like an "EVERYTHING MUST GO GO GO"

MG -- Get help now, before it's too late!

Wait a sec -- it might already be too late. You aren't going to buy at the
end of this season and then overwinter anything in pots are you? Cuz I
mean, if you DO overwinter things in pots that you buy at cut-rate
end-of-season prices, then it might be an indication that this is beyond any
levels of professional assistance. I'll tell you the REAL sign of being
beyond the assistance of a 12 step program or other such systems -- it's
when you drive around your neighborhood, looking for bags full of leaves to
toss in the back of the truck and add to your compost pile. Of course, just
HAVING a pickup for your gardening hobby IS the same as a foot and a half on
the other side of the line, you know.

If any of this applies to you, then there is only one solution -- you must
move to a major metropolis where the only things green are the traffic
lights, where the sun can be looked at directly due to the protective layer
of smog, where "alive" is used to describe drinks... er, ahem, well, you get
the idea.