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Default There HAS to be a twelve step program out there..................

James, it's already too late..................I have been driving around
neighborhoods looking for bags of leaves for my compost pile since my boys
were teenagers and they're 29 and 31............I used to stuff as many bags
as was humanly possible, with the boys in their perspective spot in the old
blue box (Dodge van with a 318 engine) and you'd see a van fulla windows
with a smashed white haired kid in the shotgun seat (that'd be Damon, he
never played fair with sharing the shotgun seat) and Mike behind me mashed
against the window behind me. I'd be steering with bare foot propped up on
the window by the rear view window, pigtails flying and unable to see out
the rear view window because of the bags up to the ceiling. I've gone over
the edge a few times and taken egg shells from the school cafeteria on days
we had boiled eggs for breakfast for 289 kids, or carrot sticks and they
made us peel the carrots........I'd bring home a couple of pounds of
peelings. I remember there was a lesson I learned about burying old cottage
cheese............the holes that it was in rose about a foot and exploded
one day. I wasn't thinking, but knew not to put it into the working compost
pile, so I dug a hole and dumped the quart of cottage cheese into it and
topped it with the dirt. Four weeks later, I checked it and it was still
cottage cheese...........forgot about it and noticed these wierd plugs of
something at the back fence and when I went back to investigate, I
remembered just about the time the last hole "popped".

I did this in Nashville....and I have had a truck now since
"JNJ" wrote in message
There HAS to be a twelve step program out there for terminally addicted
perennial junkies. Thank the fairies it's the end of October and the

center is starting to look like an "EVERYTHING MUST GO GO GO"

MG -- Get help now, before it's too late!

Wait a sec -- it might already be too late. You aren't going to buy at

end of this season and then overwinter anything in pots are you? Cuz I
mean, if you DO overwinter things in pots that you buy at cut-rate
end-of-season prices, then it might be an indication that this is beyond

levels of professional assistance. I'll tell you the REAL sign of being
beyond the assistance of a 12 step program or other such systems -- it's
when you drive around your neighborhood, looking for bags full of leaves

toss in the back of the truck and add to your compost pile. Of course,

HAVING a pickup for your gardening hobby IS the same as a foot and a half

the other side of the line, you know.

If any of this applies to you, then there is only one solution -- you must
move to a major metropolis where the only things green are the traffic
lights, where the sun can be looked at directly due to the protective

of smog, where "alive" is used to describe drinks... er, ahem, well, you

the idea.