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Default There HAS to be a twelve step program out there..................

Aw heck, MG -- I was really hoping there was SOME way to save
you...something to be done to bring you back into the fold of the common
citizen, but it looks like it truly IS too late for you. I mean, the whole
thing with picking up leaves in the neighborhood was bad enough but even
raiding the school cafeteria for food morsels to add to your compost pile?
Forget it -- you're so far gone that a 96 step program wouldn't help! LOL

Hey -- wasn't it you who was telling me there's lots of land in Tennessee at
good pricing? We're looking at moving in a few years (we DESPERATELY want
to get away from the city!) and we're starting to look, get pricing ideas,
area demographics, and so forth. Acreage is a prime factor, with cost being
important of course, and although we want to be remote we'll need reasonable
access to a city so at least one of us can work (I'm voting for my wife to
work -- let ME stay home with the kids Grin).