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Default There HAS to be a twelve step program out there..................

"JNJ" wrote in message
Aw heck, MG -- I was really hoping there was SOME way to save
you...something to be done to bring you back into the fold of the common
citizen, but it looks like it truly IS too late for you. I mean, the

thing with picking up leaves in the neighborhood was bad enough but even
raiding the school cafeteria for food morsels to add to your compost pile?
Forget it -- you're so far gone that a 96 step program wouldn't help! LOL

That was when I worked at the school cafeteria in Nashville for 9 years. I
had compost piles to drool over..............
here I just go cow pie picking.....g

Hey -- wasn't it you who was telling me there's lots of land in Tennessee

good pricing? We're looking at moving in a few years (we DESPERATELY want
to get away from the city!) and we're starting to look, get pricing ideas,
area demographics, and so forth. Acreage is a prime factor, with cost

important of course, and although we want to be remote we'll need

access to a city so at least one of us can work (I'm voting for my wife to
work -- let ME stay home with the kids Grin).

I'll give you an example of what's behind me up on the ridge behind where I
am now. There is an older brick house, about 20 years at the most, has a
driveway I'd sell my body for, it goes up thru woods with dogwoods, redbuds,
ferns, tulip poplars, cedars, maples, pin oaks, etc... and hooks back and
the house and 8.7 acres is on top of a ridge that has faces south. Well
it's isolated. It has the top of the ridge. The house is five bedrooms,
four bathrooms, two fireplaces (one is downstairs where an extra kitchen
area with counter and chairs are). A garden shed that is huge, one car
garage, enormous deck sits off the kitchen and master bedroom on a gently
rolling hill top that has peach trees, apple, pecan, plum and lord knows
what else. I'd sell my grandmother to have this house. They're asking
$248,000 for the whole thing. The acreage alone usually sells for $10,000
per acre. Some of it (prime) goes for up to $15,000.

There are very nice subdivisions popping up all over the place around here
because the older people with land and pastures and farms are dying and
their kids are selling the land to be divided up into acre, 5 acre and such
tracts. The Hammer farm has split the 104 acres of their family homestead
into five acre tracts, with the house sitting on seven. A family from up
east bought it and have almost finished renovating it and they didn't have
to do much as the Hammer boys kept the house in top shape.

The people around here are nice, and things are still pretty good around
here. We have crime, but so does everyone. Not on the scale of city. I'm
from city. I don't miss it. I compare here to what I lived and grew up in
and it doesn't compare. I even lived in Denver for five years so I KNOW
when it's time to start moving. I feel secure and safe. There are plenty of
churches, if you need to go "to the city" there's Knoxville 46 miles west
with everything you'd want, including the airport. (McGee-Tyson), but the
larger towns are closer, Sevierville, Morristown, Newport, Maryville.
Sevierville, Pigeon Forge, and Gatlinburg are tourist oriented as it sits
nestled against the Smokies. Cost of living is a bit more and the houses
aren't cheap but since lots of people are moving in there, there are good
schools. Huge amounts of people are moving to Dandridge and Jefferson City
and Morristown. No state taxes, although the sales tax is high.....we just
passed the lottery. Good roads pretty much, and it will still take a long
time to fill up all the land around here with people. If you can't get cable
or local t.v. then your only chance is DTV and little dish. I've had a dish
since 1993 when RCA came out with the little one.

When I NEED city I run to Knoxville. But to make me appreciate what I have,
I sometimes drive back thru Nashville when I visit my mother and the
remainder of my family 5 hours drive away. I grew up in Nashville, so I
don't miss city. I'm trying to get my daughter to move out of south
Nashville now. I hate that the four girls are growing up there...........

If you want an idea as to what it's like here, look for the Knoxville
Sentinel or even check out The Tennessean for real estate ideas and such.
The Tennessean is Middle Tennessee, The Sentinel is the Eastern portion.
I'm unsure about West Tennessee.

I also think you'd do well to check out the Western Carolina's, near
Asheville, Charlottesville, and the like. I think property is still
reasonable and you still have good land everywhere. I wouldn't mind living
in North Carolina at all..........I hope I didn't overwhelm you about this.
But I wouldn't wait years to decide about this area. The word is out and
property is raising in price. I've seen it double and triple since I've
lived here and we moved here in 1992.