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Janet Baraclough
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Default There HAS to be a twelve step program out there..................

The message
from "madgardener" contains these words:

"Janet Baraclough" wrote in message

Mad, you mentioned loripetalum in there somewhere?

Yes I did. 4-6 foot tall and 4-5 foot wide when mature.


It IS a member of
the Witch Hazel family and blooms heavily when the azalea's bloom, and then
on and off sporatically. It says it benefits from partial shade, but I've
had people tell me theirs is fully exposed to sun. Mine is near the west
chain link fence tucked between the Diablo nine bark and the Wine and Roses
weigelia (hmmmmm you see a pattern of colors here???G)

LOL. I love purple leaves and flowers too.

I know it's not hardy past the
cooler zone six. I had someone in North Carolina who has a zone 7 as well
to tell me theirs is doing fine, so hopefully I will be able to report this
next spring that it's healthy and leafing out for me!

I'll have to go and look up zones. Thanks for your help.