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Default See the Tibetan Herbal Doctor Teach and Practice

Thank you so much for posting this.

I have a question for you and any other nursery staff who posts he Where is
there a good place to buy plants for my terrarium? I want to grow sundews,
pitchers and venus fly traps...other assorted things like this. Unusual things.
Before I order online, I'd prefer to keep the money we spend in Austin.

Anyone have ideas?


On Tue, 28 Oct 2003 20:44:22 -0600, "Mr. Chaos 007" opined:

This weekend is a great opportunity to meet and learn from the only fully
trained and qualified western practioner and teacher of Tibetan Buddhist
Medicine who was trained by the Dali Lama's personal physician. He will
teach a 10 hour course on the Introduction to Tibetan Buddhist Medicine. If
you are an alternative health care professional this is a great opportunity
to learn an ancient and venerable system of medicine that is rarely heard of
in the west. His book on "The Quintessence Tantras of Tibetan Medicine have
also won high praise by the Dali Lama.

If you are a friend or loved one has a difficult medical problem this is an
excellent opportunity to have a consultation with the doctor and receive
treatment. He relishes difficult cases that have resisted conventional

If you or someone is interested please pass this on to them. email to
for more info.

Thank You

David Schanzle
Gardens of the Ancients