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Default Problems cycling tank

Buy some Coppersafe and put it in the tank. Have you taken a sample of
water to the pet store and gotten it tested? They do it for free and can
tell you if you have high levels of chlorine. Do you use city water? Maybe
research your water online and see if there is any evidence of other
chemicals in it? I have high chlorine and copper in mine so I have to check
my levels regularly.

Hope I was of some help!
"Heather" wrote in message
Water was tested:
The nitrates and ammonia levels are 0ppm. The pH is at 7.28.
I'm at a loss to understand what happened and very sad. These were
such friendly fish. When I put my hands in the tank to move the
plants around they were always right there swimming around my hands.
I'm not thinking that they were too much for the bioload because
they were only about the size of quarters. I had planned to later
move them into our pond.
I have not done a water change yet because I was waiting for the
tank to finish cycling.
I think when I head home tonight the two remaining fish will be dead.

The only things that I can think of are that:
1) the fish were sick to begin with: I'm planning on calling the
fish store this morning. However I didn't see any outward signs of
illness and the store has an extremely good reputation.
2) somehow chemicals got in the tank: I can't think how this might
be possible but I'm at a loss for another explaination.

Now the question is what should I do now....