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Jo?o Paulo Freire Paglione
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Default Help identifying native species of Brazilian Bamboo - perhaps Apoclada Simplex?

These digital photographs were taken during a Permaculture Design
Certification course sponsored by IPAB (Instituto de Permacultura
Austro-Brasileiro - at the ecovillage
OIKOS ( during March/May of 2003. During an
excursion into their native forests, I noticed a stand of bamboo. I
immediately expressed my belief that this stand was most likely
Bambusa Tuldoides. However, upon closer inspection, it was evident
that this bamboo clump was NOT Bambusa and had characteristics which
I had never seen before.

I consulted AMERICAN BAMBOOS to see if I could find any similar
photos. I noticed that near the nodes, there was a white coloration.
The branches were thorny. But the bamboo was quite brittle and easily

Hopefully, a taxonomist can clarify this for me!

Digital photography is available for viewing in the Photos folder

or at,

under the OIKOS folder.

Best regards,

João Paulo Freire Paglione
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[BBF] Bamboo Brazil Foundation
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File: Apoclada_simplex_criciuma.jpg


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