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Default Compost - Blood And Bone Meal To "Activate"?

Fran wrote:

"Pam - gardengal" wrote in message

(snip) the American method of
processing bone meal differs from the European in that it involves both

and solvent treatments, effectively destroying any potential pathogens.

The protection against BSE in your example is the fact that there is not
any example of BSE having been found in the US. How the Blood and Bone is
made in the US is irrelevant as there is no current treatment known to
destroy the prions that cause BSE

Just out of curiosity, what solvent is used?

I count on my compost pile to kill off an awful lot of pathogens and
assorted toxins. I'll reserve judgement for now, but I rather suspect that
heat and solvents and the additional bacterial action and exposure to the
elements during composting are probably enough to eliminate the risk of
viable prions getting onto the food to something too low to calculate ...
and too low to worry about.

A hot compost pile followed by a year or two of aging may not be a panacea,
but it comes mighty close.

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