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Baine Carruthers
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Default Desperate question - wild onions (and garden update)


Check the Farmer's Almanac. They used to tell the times mow, when the moon
was in some certain phase, so that the onions (garlic) would "bleed" to
death. I don't personally give this much merit, but I know a couple of
folks who do.

If you break down and decide to go the chemical route, 2,4D applied fall,
spring, and then again in the fall will get rid of the majority of the
garlic. Be sure to apply a surfactant because garlic is hard to wet. Be
sure to read label as centipede is sensitive to many lawn chemicals.

If you free range your chickens I would forgo the chemical route and live
with the problem. Low mowing, 1.5-2" will help control the pest. Let us
know if the almanac thing works.


"laurie (Mother Mastiff)" wrote in
The wild onions are getting worse every year in my yard, and I don't even
like to eat or smell onions! (you wouldn't either if they caused you
problems.) The yard is an old centipede lawn, and I fertilize it every
year, but have avoided using weed killers on the lawn at all.

WHAT can I do that will reduce or better yet DESTROY those wretched
invaders? Would weekly mowing all winter keep them from thriving so they
would die off? Centipede is easier to kill than these darn things.

Please help!

laurie (Mother Mastiff)

P.S., I have some very late-hatched chicks in the brooder (hatched late

that are the beneficiaries of the late-sown mixed lettuce thinnings. They
just love tiny perfect mesclun greens. I am growing dinosaur kale this

and hen-pecked mustard as well as the usual osaka purple mustard, mixed
rainbow kales, lettuces, and collards. Oh and some fancy cabbages. And

trying some supposedly winter-flowering peas. And the patch of turnip
greens for my handyman's 84-yr old mother.