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Default OT Yippee! Thanks Shiva!

Julie wrote:

Not much about roses in this post....After the exchange concerning
ISPs I decided to do some checking around (again!) Seems as of 1-1-03
our area has cable and along with cable we can have cable modems! As
of this afternoon I have high speed access.

You're welcome, Julie! And what a pretty name you have! I don't even
remember a Julie around here, so we can't even mix you up with anyone.
Cable is a different world, isn't it?

I haven't had much time to play yet, but it is FASTER, so much faster.
I did manage to look at some rose photo pages, wow!

This has to be the best thing, I think. I deal with a lot of images in my
work, and cable makes the biggest difference here.

Downside, my IE has a problem, so for now it's only Netscape and AOL,
but I"m working on it.

Try calling tech support for your cable service, or maybe upgrading your
version of I.E. Our cable company has fast, effective, really nice tech
help. Welcome to high speed access! Yippeeeeeeee!