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Default Marimo Algae Balls ?

I wish I had the picture, but a fellow aquariast, took a tribble, baseball
sized, put it in a 3g bowl, hung a light above it, and a couple months
later, it was basketball sized.... there's a picture floating around the net



"Dustin The-Wind" wrote in message
Thanks for the input. Giving the Java Moss it's own tank and trying
different approaches is an excellent idea.

I have a 10 gal and a 2-1/2 gal tank that aren't doing anything .

I had been debating over getting 5 of these Star Trek Truffle loonk'in
algae balls and giving them their own tank.


Should I experiment with another pound of Java Moss ..$ame Price..

Anyone have experience with this plant?

(Below is a link/info on the Marimo Algae Balls)


click here
The Marimo of Lake Akan