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Dave Sheehy
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Default Accordian Leaves

Gene Schurg ) wrote:
: Dave,

: Check the roots too. I've seen this happen when the roots have been damaged
: (rotted because of bad medium) and the new growth is unable to take up water
: so they make the accordian shape.

This jives too but for reasons other than root rot. This plant came in a 4"
pot which it overflowed on all sides. It's basically a 6" plant in a 4" pot.
I was watering the pot but not misting the outside of the plant. Most of the
new root growth was developing outside of the pot so they weren't getting
much water. Now that it's in the basket it mostly gets sprayed with an
occasional dunking. My orchids are all in the kitchen window behind the sink
so sufficient watering will be an ongoing issue no doubt. All my other orchids
are potted so this is an experiment of sorts to see if it will be feasible
to keep mounted or orchids in baskets successfully in my environment.