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William Oertell
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Default To feed or not to feed

Thanks for the info. I'll remember not to feed when the pond temp gets
below 40. It's 38 right now. (I just went out to put some more algae
eating bacteria in the pond. It's looking a bit green).

"Hal" wrote in message
If your water temperature goes into the 30's for a few days the fish
may stop eating. That is nothing to worry about fish live under the
ice up North for three and four months without being fed. You fish
will be fine. Mine are big enough to move the stones out of my lily
pots now and get to whatever is in the dirt in the pots. Yours are
probably checking out the pots too.

I have parrot feather that likes cool weather and grows in gravel
about 18" below the surface of the plant pond. It has been hit by
freezing temperatures the past few days, but it lives even when the
top of the pond is coated with a thin sheet of ice. You might like
it too.



On Sun, 7 Dec 2003 15:38:50 -0800, "William Oertell"

Water temperature varies. Right now it's about 58 degrees, but a few

ago during a "cold snap" the pond got down to 42 degrees. The only

in the pond right now are potted plants. The nurseries around here don't
see to have a lot of water plants, except for water lilies, and we don't
really want those. We'd kind of like to have something that can grow in

pond gravel.