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Kevin Ashcroft
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Default Low Voltage Lighting

Apologies in advance of this is an inappropriate place
to post this question, however here I go.

I have recently purchased some low voltage lights from a DIY shop.

There are 6 lights linked by 15m of low voltage cable
which connects into a black transformer.

I have outside power sockets which this transformer plugs into,
however, the instructions tell you not to leave the transformer
outside. It should be inside the house or in a garden shed.

This is a pain as I have to disconnect and bring the transformer inside
everytime I am finished using it.

It seems crazy that lights purchased for outdoor use come with
a transformer which cannot sit outside.

Can you purchase transformers which will happily sit outside or
does anyone know of a small enclosure I could purchase, which the
transformer can sit inside quite happily and be protected?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.