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Dilip Barman
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Default Scientific name for Watermelon Radish?

"Micah J. Mabelitini" wrote in message ...

'Shinrimei' does appear to be the original Chinese name of the cultivar,
so I'd go with it. I did a bit of research and it looks like Raphanus
sativus var. longipinnatus is now obsolete, in favor of R. sativus var.
niger (according to the ARS-GRIN database at least).

Micah Mabelitini

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Thanks, Micah. "Raphanus sativus 'Shinrimei'" it is then - but I wish
I could find it more easily. I did find this name mentioned at Thanks!


P.S. By the ARS-GRIN database, do you mean ? I can't
search on specific common name varieties there, but can find general
information there.