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Old 26-01-2003, 04:39 AM
Jonathan Phua
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Default Organic jap 'superthrive', better results too!!!

A few months ago, I was given samples of this new Japanese product. I tried
it out on my rootles paphs, and I found that it worked better than
superthrive. It's cheaper for me too, no need to import the superthrive from
USA, it's available at my local nursery. It's also available in the US. If
you want more details, just drop me a mail. Best of all, this is not a
hormone, it's a 100% organic extract from Japanese cedar, cypress, plantain
and pine. I found that the orchids are now more resistant to fungal and
bacterial infectoions, and the pest are also gone, I really recommend this
3in1 organic product to people who want an alternative to superthrive. Drop
me a mail and I'll give you the US website.
BTW, I just purchased my first 100ml bottle for SGD30 today, all the while
I've been using the samples, I unly use 6 drops per gallon of water, or one
drop per liter.