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Geir Harris Hedemark
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Default Epidendrum keikis

I have just checked on my three epidendrum keikis. They are all in the
same pot now, and have been for the last month or so, when I cut them
off the mother.

They have gone from having about 1 in of root each to four times
that. Of course, there is no new growth above ground yet. The root
tips are the same colour as the colour of the flowers on the mother
plant (yellow). The tips of the roots of the mother plant are
green. Weird.

How long do I need to keep them together? I plan on giving them away
as gifts if they pull through, and I don't want the roots too tangled
up for them to be separated easily.

They are in a bark mix right now. Are epidendrums candidates for
semi-hydrophonic culture? How large should they be before I try

I have replanted most of my other orchids to SH culture. Is it normal
for SH-bred plants to be wobbly? There is significantly less hold than
I expected in ceramic media the way I use it. I guess I could ram a
couple of wooden bits into the ceramics to stop it flopping about? My
epidendrum especially weighs in at about 500g at a height of 2 feet
right now, and I don't like the idea of that plant becoming unstable.

ObJoy: The mother epidendrum just started flowering. This is the first
orchid I have managed to coax into flowering. Yay!