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Don't despair, stanhopeas don't grow a lot in the middle of winter, but as
the days get longer, they will begin sprouting new growth. I wouldn't leave
your plant in a plastic pot. Often they like to sprout leaves out of the
side of the container and sometimes the flowers will come out there, though
mostly it will be from the bottom. Put it in a wire basket or a wood slat
basket or mount it on cork with a good pad of moss around it. You need to
find out what kind of stan you're growing. Almost all that I know bloom in
the summer. Since yours is NBS, you might even get a bloom this coming
summer. Take a look at the Stanhopea Page for more info.
Ken Woodward
Newton, MA

"Diane Mancino" wrote in message
I have a stanhopia NBS, and wonder if anyone here has any experience

one. They are quite unusual with the blooms growing out of the bottom of

plant, so definitely a basket orchid. I read not to put it in a wooden

basket, but yes to a wire basket so the stems could push through easy.

For me, I might as well have bought a plastic plant, it is as dormant as

day it arrived. I have it in asmonda moss, and it was in a large 8"wire
basket- that seemed too big for a small orchid plant that would fit in a

pot. I couldn't decide what container to use so yesterday I took a

pot and cut the bottom out and with florist wire, secured the Stanhopia in
the pot in asmunda. It doesnt need to be hung yet, but could easily be

way. It needs to be watered a few times a week. how long are the stems to
these flowers, ie how deep a container or moss should I have. Roots were
good- white, but no rot. Maybe these are really slow growers.


begin 666 The Stanhopea Pages by Nina Rach, edited 24 January 2003.url
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