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Default Rain...Rain....Rain

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On Wed, 31 Dec 2003 13:27:56 -0000, "Andy Hunt"

But we had a saying when I was there, that if you stand on Swansea bay

you can see the Mumbles light-house, that means that it's going to rain.

And if you stand on Swansea bay and can't see the light-house . . . that
means it's raining!!!!!

When I lived in Newport Mon. I used to do day trips to Swansea to get
away from the incessant rain :-)

The sun always shone on the Mumbles in those days.

Lol maybe I am exaggerating ;-) Swansea in the sun is just beautiful.
Sitting on a bench in the gardens by the Patti Pavilion, with the soft sound
of Swansea sea washing up on the beach nearby . . .

What's name of the bit to the west of Mumbles where water spurts out
of holes in the rocks?

it brings a tear to the
eye. I try to go there every year for a week or two, it's sort of "touching
base" for my soul. They have palm trees and allsorts down there now, thanks
to global warming, I think.

Newport eh? The town of my birth. Well, someone has to be born there ;-) do
you remember the transporter bridge?

I do indeed. I used to work at Llanwern, when it was all shiny and

One of only two in Britain, apparently.

the other is in Middlesborough or somewhere near the Grand Canyon.

BTW Martin I hope you don't think the "Andy H" who posted under "UK
Competitions" was me - it wasn't. I was getting paranoid that people here
might not speak to me anymore because of that!

I don't take anything seriously.

Cymru am byth!!!!!