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Default Plant Interactions

"Paul Sutphen" wrote in message
After reading Diana Walsted's book, I am wondering if the Vall is being
killed by dwarf Saggitaria. What is happening is that the Vall which always
was healthy began to uproot after the Saggitaria began taking over. The
Vall roots are brown, short and look rooted. Diana devoted a lot of her
book on plant allelapathy (sp?) where one plant specie in order to survive
can produce poisonous chemicals that kill other invasive plants. Im am
looking for any readers who may have experienced similar results between
Vall and Saggitaria.

I've never had problems growing any two or more plants together, these

If you have any doubts to this notion of Vals ansd Sag's growing
please come to Florida where I can show anyone several miles of
numerous rivers that have both Sags and Vals in very high
concentrations living in the same river side by side.

Diana Walstad book is based on NON CO2 method and no water changes,
often 3-6 months at time. In any event, she acknowledges that it is a
wild card.

There is little evidence in an natural system to suggest that this
takes place in any aquatic environment and then effects would be
subtle at best. A plant in an aquatic evnvironemtn has not idea if
it's in a large or small lake, river where everything would
transported down stream etc.

Tom Barr