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Default Why does store bought spinach include so much mud

Wrench wrote:
On Fri, 23 Jan 2004 15:56:02 +0200, Nick Apostolakis

My wife buys sealed bags of fresh spinach at the store. We have it all
the time. It always looks clean enough to eat right out of the bag.
I've often noticed how clean it is and wondered if it might be grown

if the bags are sealed then there is a high propability
that they wash them first (and perhaps process them in other ways too)

I work in a plant where we wash and bag fresh spinach. If it is
muddy in the fields when it is harvested the spinach comes in extremly
muddy. We send ours thru a double "log flume" type wash system before
spin drying and packing. And even then it still sometimes has a little
grit left in it.

Just for the heck of it, I looked to see if we had any of that bagged
spinach at the moment. We do and this bag is from Dole. (Usually it had
been some less known brand.) Right on this bag it says triple washed.