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Default Lecture on growing Apricots in cold climates

apricots do fine in zone 5. I had to whack my 2 year old apricot cause it began to
eat my itty bitty backyard. I have had tree ripened apricots. nothing I have ever
bought even comes close. your mentioning it has made me determined to get a couple
more apricots and try them in a bucket. thanks. Ingrid

(J. Del Col) wrote:

wrote in message ...
1. heavily mulch around the base to keep the ground cold later into the spring
2. paint the trunk and branches white to reflect light
3. the best. put this tree in the shade of something that doesnt reach it until
spring has really sprung.
4. use a flip flop watering on teh tree during late frosts.

Or I could concede that apricots aren't suited to this climate and
save myself a lot of time and trouble.

They were planted as an experiment. They provide a great place to
hang potted orchids in the summer. Any fruit is a bonus.

J. Del Col

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