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Default Question:Growing seedlings in peat pots

Richard wrote in message . ..
I have been growing my seedlings using the square 2 1/4" and 3" peat
pots. They make transplanting easy and clean. The problem is that if I
am forgetful about watering them (from the top) from time to time and
their large surface area tends to dry them out quite a bit. They are
put into large plastic growing trays with a drainage hole. Can I put
them into trays without drainage and keep about a 1/2" of water in the
tray. Will the water wick up into the pots and provide adequate
moisture or would it tend to drown the seedlings.
TIA, Richard

That is what I do (give them 3/4 inch of water at a time). If you do
that, you will increase the chance of damping off for certain types of
veggies. In my case, most damping off happens with brassicas,
sometimes with chard and rarely with the other veggies. For the
sensitive veggies, I start with sterile (microwaved or baked) potting
soil and trays that have been washed, bleached and rinsed. For most of
the other seedlings (notably chicory, lettuce and tomatoes), I don't
even use potting soil, just compost passed through hardcloth.
They don't mind the soaking all that much, and of course, if they can
take it you are safe and only need to water once a week. I have a well
ventilated situation (southern glass door) and that may help with
damping off.