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Old 14-02-2004, 07:34 PM
Brian Anderson
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Default Black Beard algae

I hope someone has an idea on how to get rid of this crap. My 12 gallon
aquarium has all low light plants that are growing very well and there is
almost no other algae accept for this thick fuzzy stuff.
I have 2 ottos and one pleco that keep the tank spottless but don't do
anything with this algae. I bought a Siamese algae eater hoping it would do
something. He nibbles on the algae but doesn't do much. I manage to barely
keep it under control by picking if off the plants and using an algae killer
AlgaeFix, but it still keeps growing. I have lowered my phosphate level
down to minimum. The tank has mostly tetras with ph around 6.6, nitrate,
nitrite, ammonia are all normal. I don't use CO2, just liquid fertilizer
once a week.
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.