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Default Bare Root Roses

I would lean toward option #2, soaking the roots in water for at least 24
hours prior to planting. Once they are in pots, leave them out as much as
possible, giving them some shelter when temps go below 25 degrees or so.
This will baby them enough to give them a chance. Give them water every
other day for first week, then twice a week until it warms up. I'm sure
others will give you ideas-I've had a little luck dealing with my Despot
roses like this.Good luck!!!!
"tmtresh" wrote in message
I just bought a few bare root roses from Home Depot. I got a great deal at
$2 each. I wasn't thinking very clearly because later I realized--- it's
February and cold outside. So, I got to thinking about my options.

1. I could leave them in the garage where it's cold until it warms up a

(they are dormant, no buds breaking out.)

2. I could pot them in 1 gallon pots (or I even have a few 5 gallon

around). But- do I water them? Should they be inside under a light? Should

leave them in my cold garage?

3. I could plant them outside. The ground isn't frozen (I don't think) and
they could come out of dormancy more naturally. I worry about this option
mainly because they don't have much of a root system and I would hate to
kill them outright. I'm in Idaho zone 6.

So, what do you think? In retrospect, it was a pretty dumb thing to do, I
should have waited until spring and bought some real plants. What should I
do to make the best of this?