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Default Problem Cranking Power Washer..Tough Cord

you might try disconnecting the motor from the pump and try starting the
motor. that way you would know if it is the motor or the pump causing the
"Wayne" wrote in message
I have a 6 horsepower (2350 psi) Craftsman power washer with a Briggs &
Stratten engine. Its about 6 years old and has about 12 hours of use on

Last year I had to dissassemble the carb in order to clean it out as it

been sitting for awhile and the float was stuck. After reassembling the
carb, I was able to crank it up and I used it for about an hour. However,

noticed that it was more difficult to pull the cord to crank it than was like, the force you experience on a mower when you don't
grip the saftey latch when you the brake pads were engaged on
the flywheel. However, the power washer has no such thing. Yesterday I

it out and tried to crank it and ended up hurting my shoulder trying to
crank it. I've keep the oil at the right level and keep water running
through as not to burn it up/over heat it. Does it sound like it has
overheated anyway and bent the cam shaft, or something else? I haven't

down the engine yet, but I wanted to get some ideas what it might be

I waste any more time with it. Thanks,