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Default Phaius flavus

Nope, don't know them. From their home page, it sounds like they
experienced some sort of disaster last year - fire or something. Lewisburg
is about 100 miles west of here, south of Harrisburg.

They have a lot of interesting plants, but mostly terrestrials, and some are
quite costly. (I may have to jump on a Phaius flavus myself, though!)


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news:[email protected]_s54...

You might try Ted Green at . I'm not sure but I think he
does a lot with Phaius.

Doing a search on I found has them for
$16.00. They're in PA. Maybe Ray knows something about them.

Could be others have them too. This was the first I clicked on.


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. com...

Have been searching, and have not found a site with
phaius flavus for sale. Does anyone have any idea where in the US
these plants are available?

Try looking for it by its synonym Phaius minor. It's not common, but
I've seen it around though I don't remember where offhand.