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Default The Breedersons revisited

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Geodyne wrote:

On 17 Mar 2004 18:49:59 GMT, acon (Sirius631) wrote:

1/8th acre? I'd be luck to fit one lettuce in the space I have !

You're in an apartment? There's still a lot you can do with an average
apartment balcony. You'd be surprised.

Yes indeed. I have 6 foam boxes on my balcony, and it's only about 4
square meters. Carrots, lettuce, peppermint, tomato, brocolli. It's
great. Makes me sick seeing all the wasted lawns around!


I was exaggerating somewhat, of course. I didn't catch Geodyne's early tales
of woe about the neighbours from hell, but I guess I have a similar problem.
The people next door to me, or rather their kids and friends, seem to use my
garden as a public right of way and steal my apples. Makes me think it would be
better to sell up and buy a more suitable property away from such
self-centered, anti-social gits. Or I could just put up bigger fences, which I
don't particularly want to do because it would cut down the growing space and
what little space I have to sunbathe in private.

David Lloyd