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Tom Servo
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Default How to Kill Grubs/larvae of JuneBugs?? (Dogs eat Grubs)

My Dalmatian LOVES them too, and when I'm digging in the big flower bed, he
just waits for me to give him juicy grubs... of course he digs for them too!
but is careful around the roots... smart!.
He also loves to catch and eat BEES! Yup, tasty little bees, must be like
buttery little shrimp I guess.


"jamie" wrote in message
Elizabeth wrote:
Heh- I used to have a peekapoo who LOVED the things. She would hang

while I was gardening just so she could get her "treats".

One of my cats thinks that Junebugs are a crunchy treat, although he's
never gone for the grubs.

jamie )

"There's a seeker born every minute."