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Default Chickens in my Garden

"Ken" wrote in message
There are some chickens tearing up my plants in our garden. I think some

a few houses away got tired of them & now let them run wild. What can I do
to keep them out?

Have a barbeque and invite them as the guests of honor (ie., the main
course)!! Seriously, chickens can do a lot of damage to plants, specially
young ones, and they dig and scratch a lot as well. We have chickens at the
nursery that are allowed to wander at will - the owner is a "bird person" -
and they wreak havoc with my backstock. Aside from the BBQ idea, fencing
may be your only answer. At least you don't have to deal with peacocks, too.
They're like chickens on steroids and their poop is not to be believed!

pam - gardengal