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Default Brand new herbal/complementary therapy newsletter to be launched shortly

Please tell me what this has to do with ponding!

On 07 May 2004 13:50:10 GMT, (SAKARIA8) wrote:

Hi there folks,

Just writing to ask if you'd' be interested in the new herbal

subscription service provided for the general public/students/herbal
enthusiasts and practitioners all over the world. Catering for an

audience on all levels of work and communication, the benefits

include the
latest developments/research/discussion and interaction groups

focussing on a
wide aspect of herbal medicine issues - how it works, expert advise

various proffessionals, regulatory issues and generallly about

cutting edge
health issues in the world of herbal medicine today.we will also be

in contact
with world manufacturers advertising the latest and best products on

the market
as well as a panel of experts waiting to give advise on technical

matters, a
problem page or a Q&A (questions/answer) page for your queries

regarding health
and complimentary medicine.

If interested in this project to bring together and defragment the

world of
herbal medicine enthusiasts and interacting globally with various

medical authorities on everything you ever wanted to know about

and share youor own experiences, why not e-mail the publisher at
for further details on subscription!