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Default The Locusts Are Coming; The Loco Locusts Are Coming

On Fri, 14 May 2004 10:24:59 -0400, "madgardener"

Mine have been here since last Saturday, and today the population is ten
fold. You should hear their sound. It sounds like some machine is running
outside. wierd sounding. Rose is getting fat on eating them by the tens and
tens and tens. Bad gas from them too.....apparently they're fat and protein
and really good for food. I can't find my receipe for
them...............(Rose can continue eating them, she needs the protein,
shame the cats haven't discovered them as food)
madgardener able to hear them thru the closed
"BroJack" wrote in message
Can't recall 1953's invasion and 1987 was fairly mild, but 1970 was

I have not heard any unusual sounds here. Went hiking from the
Devil's Breakfast Table to the O-My-God Overlook along Daddy's Creek
and the Obed River (along the north side of Hatfield Mountain) last
Wednesday--no unusual sounds, but the ticks were plentiful and
annoying. Saw a variety of mountain ferns, blueberry, spotted
salamanders, wild turkey, lots of spiders in the caves, large
millipedes, one copperhead, toads, and surprisingly, no mosquitoes