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Default Newbie here...(mag-drive pumps)

Hi, Maybe I should clarify and give some background. This has been my
experience with Beckett pumps and I got both at Lowes. I took two of them
back within weeks of each other because they quit working...not sure why.
Didn't overload or under load water flow. After that agrivation I decided
not to use them anymore. I have talked to numerous people that have had the
same problem. I have always prefered the Magnetic Driven pumps....that's
just me. I like them becasue I have one that I paid 70 dollars for 10 years
ago and it is still going strong except a new impellor or two. My other mag
drive is 8 years old. 1600 gph...going strong after 8 years of continual
use all year long. I guess everyone has there good and bad experiences with
everything. That is why this group is so great. I like the people and we
can all share our experiences and ideas. We can glean what we want to use.
Thanks !! Mike {:O)
"Nedra" wrote in message
I have both Beckett's (4 of them) and Supreme Mag Drive's
(2 of them) all from Home Depot. I don't see a huge leap in my electric
bill from
summer to winter... My house is old and I am All Electric so you
can see that I probably cool and heat the outside in
summer and winter as well as use the pumps
I just buy what I need from Home Depot ... and let the chips fall where

may ;-)

Nedra in Missouri
Zone 6

wrote in message ...
Your best bet would be to stay away from lower end "Beckett" Pumps.

for "Mag-Drive"(magnetic driven) pumps. Supreme is one brand. Lower

consumption and long lasting. Stay away from ANY oil filled

and experience. Mike
"coati" wrote in message
On Thu, 13 May 2004 11:33:14 -0400, "Janet"

Mark the pump is indeed listed at Beckett's website. It's actuallly

as 4983 gph at 1" lift. I haven't seen it yet, hubby spotted it

while at Home Depot. Hubby actually subcontracts for HD in the

Services section and was asking a few questions of a staff member he

Seems HD Canada is moving towards carrying exclusively Beckett pond
Janet in Niagara Falls

My parents found out the hard way about using a cheap pump. Is a
question of you pay me now or pay me later. a $169 pump gets
expensive if you paying $20 or $30 a month in power to drive it. I
suggest you compare watts to gph/head before making a purchase.

And I totally agree with what everyone else says about plants. The
more the merrier.