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Default cat problem ....PLEASE HELP !!??

"not happy" wrote in message
We've just began getting our garden into shape , seeding/weeding etc...

Problem is, every morning we go outside & have to shovel up several fresh
cat turds. The woman next door has about half a dozen of the little

..... & being as her garden ( our our neighbour on the OTHER side) is
completely concreted over ..... her pests use our soil as a kitty litter.

We have high walls ( 6ft) all around & I've even gone to the trouble of
coating them with an oily, black "non-drying" paint, knowing what vain
creatures cat's are ... but still they get in, somehow.

I've tried the various pellets, sprays & gels .... at some cost AND all

no avail. I searched on the 'net & have seen a "cat-scarer" ( emits high
frequency noise, triggered by a P.I.R. sensor ) ..... it seems a bit
expensive, but I wondered if anyone else (here) may have one & can

it as money well spent ?

...... seriously, now, considering getting an air-rifle & sitting up all
night waiting to shoot the little b*stards !

Any help/advice greatly appreciated.

Cheers !

Many are extoling the efficacy of cocoa shell to control stray cats. It is
very harmful to dogs though. Do a google search.