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Default cat problem ....PLEASE HELP !!??

Yeah, I would say either use a motion sensor on your sprinklers or do the
sandbox thing. Or report your neighbors to the local animal control office.

"not happy" wrote in message
We've just began getting our garden into shape , seeding/weeding etc...

Problem is, every morning we go outside & have to shovel up several fresh
cat turds. The woman next door has about half a dozen of the little vermin
...... & being as her garden ( our our neighbour on the OTHER side) is
completely concreted over ..... her pests use our soil as a kitty litter.

We have high walls ( 6ft) all around & I've even gone to the trouble of
coating them with an oily, black "non-drying" paint, knowing what vain
creatures cat's are ... but still they get in, somehow.

I've tried the various pellets, sprays & gels .... at some cost AND all to
no avail. I searched on the 'net & have seen a "cat-scarer" ( emits high
frequency noise, triggered by a P.I.R. sensor ) ..... it seems a bit
expensive, but I wondered if anyone else (here) may have one & can recommend
it as money well spent ?

....... seriously, now, considering getting an air-rifle & sitting up all
night waiting to shoot the little b*stards !

Any help/advice greatly appreciated.

Cheers !