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Default orchid name lookup

Would you let me know how I could find out the parentage....what online
resources or software do I need to go through in order to determine a
particular orchid's parentage or to see if it has been registered already or

thanks again ..


"Ray @ First Rays Orchids" wrote in message
As neither of the ladies answered your second question (jab, jab...), it

been registered (in 2001) as Phalaenopsis Tropic Wax


Ray Barkalow First Rays Orchids
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"rick" spam_be_gone wrote in message
hi all:

Where can I find out the parentage of a particular hybrid. I have a

(Philip De Biase X Venosa) 'A&F' X Phal. Tropic Red 'CO".
I was wondering if it had Phal amboinensis as one of its grandparents

if it had been registered under some name.