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Default [IBC] Fw: [IBC] Ceramic Pots 1

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From: "Khaimraj Seepersad"
Subject: [IBC] Fw: [IBC] Ceramic Pots 1

Good Morning,

Sigh.Please try to grasp the idea.
This is my last post on this.Okay.

Okay....I'm ready to GRASP!!!....

Also you might want to take a general read-up on
your Hamer.

I'll think about a "General Read-up"

I was only trying to keep the pot information sensible,
not turn this into a show of brain power.

I'm glad we side-stepped that one!


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From: dalecochoy
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Date: 25 May 2004 17:42
Subject: [IBC] Fw: [IBC] Ceramic Pots

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From: "Khaimraj Seepersad" Subject: [IBC] Fw: [IBC] Ceramic Pots

I simply gave you the limits as defined by Pottery
Science,since I have noted that once these statements
pass across the IBC,they will be treated as fact.

Freeze/Thaw is thermal shock.

No, thermal shock is the shock your clay gets when heated to fast in the
kiln ( can shatter) and a similar thing happens when cooled to quickly as

the methods of making Raku. Clays are specially designed for these types

shock. This doesn't really have anything to do with vitrified clay ( or
should I say "Not vitrified" clay) absorbing water and shattering when

freezes ( as was, I believe, the concern of the original poster?)

Check your body mixes for Stoneware and Porcelain,
you will find the answer there.


The answers become relevant when you spend $$ for
a pot and it breaks when you don't look after it.

To much glass in the body and what happens when you
knock it,does it shatter like a bottle or chip like a flower

Well, not quit sure how to answer. I've never seen a bonsai pot "shatter
like a bottle" from too much "Glass) in the clay? and they all pretty

chip if "whacked" but high fired stoneware is more durable to chipping

a "flower pot"

I would say if you guys give such precise information on
trees or fertiliser or insecticides,the pots should be afforded
the same.


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