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Default How deep is too deep?

In article [email protected], Michael Shaffer

I would of made mine like 5 feet deep but they require a fence here if
it's deeper than 3 feet.

For me its 18"

Thu May 27, 2004

Andrew Burgess wrote:
I'm enlarging my pond, going from about 6' x 6' x 3' to
something like 10' x 15'. I thought I go 5' deep this time
but now I'm wondering if 7 or 8 feet is "too deep". Does anyone
have a pond this deep or deeper and do you regret it? Digging
will be more of a chore but you only have to do it once :-)

My philospohy is to pick a length and width that fits the
garden asthetically and then make it as deep as possible.

Thanks for any input.