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Andrew Burgess
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Default How deep is too deep?

...I wish I had gone deeper then 4 feet, maybe just a bit more. And I wish I
had dug level shelves.
...Too deep? I guess if it's "too deep" cleaning will become more of a
chore. In my four feet of water. I can stand in the pond, with some water
drained down and clean by hand, and there is still enough water for the fish
to stay in the pond.

I'm kind of a no-clean porg. I did have to 'get in' this week to
retrieve rocks that racoons had dumped in over the last few years. I'm netted
now so maybe that will stop. With more than 3 feet I'd probably just leave the
rocks in :-)

I have lily pots... Maybe a mask and snorkle? I don't service them very often
now, maybe twice in 15 years...

Thanks for the reply!