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Default How deep is too deep?

I agree with Lee. My large pond consists of two basins connected along
one edge. When the pond is full there is about 18 inches of water over
the submerged common edge. To clean the pond I chase the fish to one
side and then drain and clean the other.

The deeper of the two basins is about 5 feet deep with a 4 inch bottom
drain.If I open the drain about once a month it sucks most of the muck
from the bottom of the bowl shaped pond into the drain. My intent was
to hook the drain into the filtration system (not yet done).


Lee B. wrote:

If you're building it with a bottom drain (or 2), then you could go 6-8'
easily: the deeper it is, the safer your fish will be. I don't know where
you're located, but if it freezes, your fish will thank you for the added
depth G. On the down side, if you don't have bottom drains, the depth will
KILL you trying to keep it clean. And trying to catch the little hummers
without a seine net would be impossible. To be honest, I've never heard
anyone say "I wish it was more shallow", but I've heard a LOT of folks wish
it was deeper.


"Andrew Burgess" wrote in message

I'm enlarging my pond, going from about 6' x 6' x 3' to
something like 10' x 15'. I thought I go 5' deep this time
but now I'm wondering if 7 or 8 feet is "too deep". Does anyone
have a pond this deep or deeper and do you regret it? Digging
will be more of a chore but you only have to do it once :-)

My philospohy is to pick a length and width that fits the
garden asthetically and then make it as deep as possible.

Thanks for any input.

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