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Default Bone/ Blood Meal and Mad Cow Disease

On Fri, 28 May 2004 15:38:50 -0700, I found this from
(paghat) :

Most or all the UK cases were from meats processed by McKey Food
Corporation under contract to McDonalds.

According to my son, a medical microbiologist with a keen interest in
BSE, your stuff is spot on. It is worth pointing out that a fairly
tight cluster was discovered in and around a small village in
Leicestershire. Research has been completed there but longitudinal
research is I am told still in progress.

After the first published report of BSE was drawn to my attention, I
think it was in The Veterinary Record in 1987, October 31, I may well
be a bit out here, I stopped using bone meal and blood. Most of my
rose growing buddies haven't used it now for years. The few who do
only apply it in the rain and looking like space men! I did get a bit
of a ribbing at the time, not know. I took quiet satisfaction in
drawing their attention at the time to the case of the gardeners
mentioned by paghat. If I recall rightly it was widely discussed at
the time.

In reply to your question

who really reads the newspapers these days?

I have to ask can we believe the newspapers these days?