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Default Bone/ Blood Meal and Mad Cow Disease

The message
from (paghat) contains these words:

Four cases in Great Britain were not traceable to any meat eaten,
but all
four were inveterate gardeners who used bonemeal.

Some of the victims were vegetarians. I have not heard that all the
vegetarians were inveterate gardeners who used bonemeal.

The majority
of Britain's human cases ate at MacDonalds -- MacDonalds was the sole
source of the contaminated meat! --

Er, for the benefit of others who may not know..Paghat is joking. No
single source of infected meat was identifiable.

By no means a joke. Deaths from e-coli & mad cow is why they are so often
called McDeath or McDisease, serving Big McBrain & McPoo burgers.

Most or all the UK cases were from meats processed by McKey Food
Corporation under contract to McDonalds. McDeadly was where victims
purchased the greater percentage of beef in their diets.

Sorry, that's wrong. No such link has ever been made.

New-variant CJD in people is thought to incubate for years before
showing symptoms. One of the first symptoms is mental deterioration. For
those two reasons it would be impossible to verify in detail the entire
meat-eating history of any victim and conclude that one particular
brandname was the source of "most or all of the UK cases".

but four victims were evidently
exposed only to bone meal fertilizers.

That theory has not been publicised in Britain afaik, so could you
provide a source for it please?

It was reported on Dateline in August 20, 1997, that four victims in UK of
the human form of Mad Cow were not meat eaters, but had been exposed to
bonemeal in their gardening practices.

Doubtlessly it was in UK newspapers just as commonly at the

Not that I recall.

But public memory is short, & when a new Associated Press article
does appear as a reminder (such as by Rukmini Callimachi this past
December, in the wake of a new mad cow scare) who really reads the
newspapers these days? Callimachi reported that only THREE
non-meat-eating gardeners died, but previous articles always say it was
four; there's always absolute agreement they were gardeners who used
bonemeal, & had no other possible point of exposure to the deadly prions.

Surely you do not accept "press reports", or the Associated Press, as
bastions of accredited research? Whose research was s/he quoting from?

IIRC only one person who died from CJD, was claimed to be a lifelong
vegetarian. IOW others who were vegetarians at the time they developed
symptoms, had earlier eaten meat.

I think it unlikely that any creditable scientist would consider that
erstwhile carnivores had "NO other possible exposure" to infected prions
other than bonemeal inhaled in the garden, given that it's now thought
nv-CJd is medically transmissible between people.