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Default Bone/ Blood Meal and Mad Cow Disease

In article , "Dave Gower"

"Will" wrote

According to my son, a medical microbiologist with a keen interest in
BSE, your stuff is spot on.

May I respectfully suggest, Will, that regardless of your son's opinion, a
discussion of a disease acquired by eating at a restaurant is off-topic on a
gardening newsgroup. The original question, whether bonemeal fertilizer is a
threat, is more related, and as usual Paghat's response is fabricated

Actually it's dead-on on-topic that gardeners should know the evidence of
four out of 50 deaths effected gardeners through use of bonemeal, the rest
through eating at Mcdonalds. Those are FACTS and only
blind-with-head-in-shit-pile fools won't even consider the facts of the
matter. It's also dead-on on-topic that the Royal Horticultural Society
recommends never using bone or blood meal without wearing a mask because
of the risk of BSE exposure. Even the type of head-in-shitpile fool who
won't believe in reality should be able to tell that's on-topic.

Your pal,
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