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Default Bone/ Blood Meal and Mad Cow Disease

In article , Agnes

On Sat, 29 May 2004 22:46:55 +0100, I found this from Janet
Baraclough.. :

The message
from "Brian" contains these words:

The most recent [ West of England Medical School-pub. May2004] research
suggests that eating meat might very well have little or no relevance~~ the
prion being capable of withstanding autoclaving of instruments.


The work has shown that removed tonsils and appendixes from healthy
patients show a significant [but small] proportion having the prion. The
proportion, when extrapolated, means there are several thousand carriers of
vCJD who could have contaminated others, or been contaminated, via contact
with affected, but supposedly sterilised, instruments.

Or via blood donations. In the UK, people who recieved a transfusion
during the early 80s are banned from donating blood. Some countries no
longer import any human blood products from the UK.


So the animal products are now in the clear. Blood transfusion and
instruments are now responsible. And of course scientific sources are
impecable, truthful and honest. They don't indulge in spin. Who pays
the piper.....

Actually there is no such journal of any so-called "West of England
Medical School, May 2004" & that isn't even the name of Department of
Health & Social Care at the University of the West of England, Bristol.
The citation was incomplete because entirely bogus. Brian's fake citation
is either misremembered hearsay, or he just made it up. And the University
of the West of England doesn't even have fascilities for the study of
BSE/mad cow, though that school has many experts in economics of cattle
agriculture, and has been involved in longterm studies of safer cattle
farming techniques funded by the beef industry.

The claim that prion-infected meat & meat byproducts are in the clear is
just wacky. The journey of these prions from infected sheep, to rendering
plant cattle feeds, to cattle, to humans is not in debate. How original
infections are passed between ruminants, however, is still an unknown
process. But BSE (Bovine spongiform encephalopathy) & CJD (
Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease) in humans have repeatedly been shown to have
the same causitive agent, a prion that is not damaged even by high
temperatures & survives any degree of meat processing or byproduct

There is a separate form of CJD called "sporadic CJD" which might not be
connected to beef & beef byproducts. A meat-industry propoganda campaigne
attempted to misuse information about sporadic CJD as evidence that beef
didn't cause the sudden rash of cases in humans. No science supports the
cluster of red herrings & half-truths the meat industry put out there. And
though the University of the West of England does a lot of work for the
beef industry, I do not believe the fake citation has any basis in
reality, the Bristol test farms being aimed at healthier farm practices
rather than participation in the propoganda blitz on both sides of the

The key source of misinformation on the web is the anti-consumer
industry-sponsored & misleadingly named Center for Consumer Freedom. It
was founded as a front group for the restaurant, alcohol, & tobacco
industries, but in the last few years been well funded additionally by the
beef industry. They oppose anything that makes meat, fast food, or alcohol
look bad, & have served as attack-dogs equally against activists &
scientists. In a May 11, 2002 San Francisco Chronicle article, Center for
Consumer Freedom spokesman John Doyle was actually cajoled by a reporter
into this amazing confession: " our enemies are just about every consumer
& environmental group, chef, legislator or doctor who raises objections to
things like pesticide use, genetic engineering of crops or antibiotic use
in beef and poultry." The CCF claims "reputable scientists" have proven
beef is not involved in human infection -- but no scientists are named.
Here's a synopsis of the pure-propoganda all-the-time "take" paid for by
the beef industry to a PR group pretending to be a consumer organization:

They never provide any sources for these extreme minority opinions of beef
never having caused this disease in humans, & nobody who is not a lunatic
with some of their brain cells already spongiformed could seriously fall
for it.

-paghat the ratgirl
-paghat the ratgirl

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