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Default Bone/ Blood Meal and Mad Cow Disease

The message
from "Brian" contains these words:

The most recent [ West of England Medical School-pub. May2004]

suggests that eating meat might very well have little or no

relevance~~ the
prion being capable of withstanding autoclaving of instruments.


The work has shown that removed tonsils and appendixes from healthy
patients show a significant [but small] proportion having the prion.

proportion, when extrapolated, means there are several thousand

carriers of
vCJD who could have contaminated others, or been contaminated, via

with affected, but supposedly sterilised, instruments.

Or via blood donations. In the UK, people who recieved a transfusion
during the early 80s are banned from donating blood. Some countries no
longer import any human blood products from the UK.


The above was headlined in all the National Press and was extracted from
appropriate publications ~this month. The research is totally available.
The Medical School is Plymouth/Exeter based and highly regarded though
relatively recently founded. However, their research has been ongoing for
many years. Our daughter was involved with the team.
Google should be able to give the details more precisely.

We can only hope that they search for a means of eliminating T-AVD. Those
infected with this form of Verbal Diarrhoea are only found Trans-Atlantic
and might find a simpleton to believe them. I would personally prescribe
Grammoxone~ even though it is a fairly painless termination.