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Jaques d'Alltrades
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Default Found an old nazi bomb in my garden !

The message
from Broadback contains these words:
David Hill wrote:

"............ Carefully move it to where you would like a pond. 'Then' as
someone else says, hit it with a hammer ........."

Best if you hit the pointed end with a sledge hammer.If nothing
happens tell
us about it.
On the other hand, if that dies the job we'll read about it in the papers.

Freud would have been proud of you David :-)

This (and similar original posts like it) have been spread over Usenet,
and all crossposted to - which amounts to an attack on

If you *MUST* reply to this troll (I note that this doesn't apply to
some), please remove the crosspost.

Open the creaking gate to make a horrid.squeak, then lower the foobar.